Sometimes I start this exercise on Money Manifestation Magnet the way to bed while brushing my teeth for example, especially if I have encountered many people in the day. Sometimes I start it when my head is on the pillow and the lights are out. You decide what pace is right for you. The method is simple. Close your eyes and call to mind the very last person you encountered. If you can imagine their face, that’s good. But don’t stress out if you have difficulty seeing images with your eyes closed. Simply remembering them is good enough. Depending on your living circumstances, you can do this next part out loud or silently in your mind. Say the person’s name followed by something like this “[name], I bless you, I release you, I set you free from all expectations.”

So, any thought that is of evil is not of God. If you are someone who spends plenty of time with God, you will know the difference. So, let’s go back to noticing an answer from God. When someone ask you for help, don’t be so quick to say no unless it is going to put you in a bad situation. Sometimes God can bless you with what you need through someone else’s need. Your answer could come through one person God knows you have no patience for. Your answer will usually come the one day that you really do not feel like doing anything or dealing with anyone.

Try not to have so much pride when God gives you the answer that you think you don’t want. People will not apply for food stamps or any government assistance program and they have been laid off of their job simply because they don’t want anyone to see them doing so. They don’t want anyone to know. So, they go without getting more upset with God and asking people to pray for them when God already gave them the answer. If you will do everything that you honestly can do, then God will do everything that you are unable to do. You are not waiting on God if you are not doing anything due to pride, God is waiting on you! God does things with more than one person in mind. God’s heart is for His people.

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