Mousesports, short for mouz, may be a professional gaming organization based in Germany. Yesterday, it made a twitter post saying that it’s departed Rocket League after nearly two years of participation. Mousesports is that the latest organization that leaves Rocket League within the previous couple of months. Before that, Cloud9, Veloce Esports, Ghost Gaming, Team Reciprocity, and Team SoloMid had also left Rocket League esports.

With a couple of organizations left RLCS, things become much worse for Psyonix. the author named Charles Fuster has shown us what we will realize for his or her departure. “Unlike Cloud9 and Veloce Esports, mousesports didn’t state why the organization is leaving. For both C9 and Veloce, it had been clearly stated that changes got to be made for teams to support themselves financially Rocket League Credits. Fans will never know if mousesports departure of Rocket League is due to the poor environment or a long-awaited move.

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