Granite Male Enhancement Australia down right now although the forums are still up I don’t know if it’ll be up again at some point in your future maybe there’s just work being done on the site but I’ll link to it below and if you can’t get to it then the exercises you’re gonna be talking about look them up because they plenty of resources online that talked about these and it’s very easy once you’ve become aware that this is a possibility to find information on it there’s a lot of people putting this information out there so like I said whether your issue is you want more length or you want girth or even you want harder erections you’ve just gotten to a point either the age or some other issue in your life that has reduced the hardness of your actions as can help them and the first and foremost exercise you need to be doing at the start of every session and by the way the frequency of exercises might do them every day but not too intensely or you might do a little bit more of an intense workout and do it every other day for beginners I highly recommend the every other day over at least no more than five days a week just because you want to have planned recover time because it’s a tiny injuries that can compound quickly over time and you might find that they’re very hard to overcome just to avoid that risk you want to build up and form a good base for doing these exercises so number one is the warm-up the site talked about using a heat lamp obviously that requires purchasing the

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